What to Wear to a Model Casting Call

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If you want to become a model, you should go to casting calls more frequently to get noticed by the editors, designers, or even the agent picks. In casting calls, models should try to dress in simple looks to make it easy to imagine them in different types of looks. It is not always easy at first to know what to wear to a model casting call. Here are a few tips that can help you prepare for the casting calls and get noticed.

What to Wear to a Model Casting Call

Simple Dressing

Dressing needs to be as simple as possible. It will help the people responsible for the casting to imagine the real look. Any distraction will cause confusion. You should choose an outfit with dark skinny jeans and a neutral t-shirt or tank. A good pair of heels will go well with the combination. The simplest outfit can do wonders for you if you are able to reflect your natural beauty and really shine. In addition, you can present yourself in the best manner when you do not have to focus more on the trendy outlooks.

Bare MakeupWhat To Wear To A Model Casting Call

The designers appreciate the models that come in with a basic look. Without makeup, they will be able to see the bare face that can help to create a positive impression. A simple makeup look can also help to show your real features. A bold makeup can be distracting. Instead of a dramatic smoky eye and bright red lip, you can go with a clean and simple face. In addition, basic and natural makeup does not demand more maintenance. It will not affect much even if you participate in any activities. A bare makeup look means a lightweight foundation, bronzer, concealer, and a few strokes of mascara.

Focus on Detailing

If you are a chasing a dream to become a successful model, then you will have to be prepared to pay attention to the smallest details. You are going to receive critiques on what needs to be worked on. In a few cases, the smallest details can make a significant difference. For example, you need to take care of your manicure to create an impression that you respect your appearance and overall look.


If you want to look your best, then something they look for is for you to look taller. Therefore, the models typically wear heels to look taller while attending casting calls. The taller heels offer a better look. The high heels also make your body to appear more elongated. You might be wondering how a pair of high heels will go well with the casual outfit, but yes, you can wear high heels even with your most casual outfits. A good pair of heels will create a positive impression regardless of the type of your outfit. It will make your body appear leaner and longer.

While considering all these tips on what to wear to a model casting call, you need to focus on your physic type to make it easier to get the best outfit and heels to look longer, fresh, and attractive important in casting calls to create a lasting impression.