What Model Scouts Look for

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Whats Model Scouts are Looking for

What Model Scouts Look for

Has it been your dream to become the next Twiggy or Kate Moss? You’re just not quite sure what model scouts look for? There are several things model scouts are looking for but not ones going to be looking if you don’t believe in yourself. Yes, modeling has so much to do with overall look and even the uniqueness of “your look”. However, confidence is going to stand out the most without over doing it.


First things first, and one very important factor when it comes to what model scouts look for. If you are serious about perusing the dream of strutting your stuff on the runway, you MUST have some professional headshots, either on hand or standby always. Sometimes the agency’s won’t even take a second look if they don’t have headshot available for second reference. The photos must be professional photographed and not just your latest Instagram post with that adorable dog face filter that’s very trendy now. The headshots also must contain no filter, they want to see YOU. If you’re looking for more of a dramatic backdrop in a natural setting, try planning a shot around mid-afternoon to sunset. Lighting is great and not at all manipulated.

Be You but Professional

Think of it as a job interview, even if you are spotted at a shop in the mall or even a sporting event. The Best behavior poised and ready to blow them away with your charming personality as well as your looks.
If you show them that modeling is not only a passion but your believed purpose, chances are, you will be able to win them over and show them that you are not only driven but completely serious about where this could lead. Modeling is a career as well as an art.

All Things Natural

We aren’t talking fresh out of bed natural. Our team at Professionally Pretty insists that hygiene and beauty upkeep are very much needed in the world of modeling. However, model scouts are not particularly interested in someone who has full faced, dark eyes, stand out makeup. When trying to impress the scouts with look, almost think Beach.
Keep in mind, natural hair is beautiful when maintained and a pretty face shouldn’t need anything but a little concealer and some mascara to make those eyes pop! Confidence

It’s all about how you carry yourself and present yourself. If you don’t believe that you are worth this opportunity, how is the agency supposed to see that? Dedication, Confidence and Punctuality are probably the most important factors when it comes to the world of modeling.

The agency wants to see your style, your personality as well as your body language. Some aspiring models practice walking that runway or even just poses in a mirror for hours some days just to perfect what they can, if their time ever does come. Like stated previously, how are you supposed to win them over, if you can’t win yourself over.

Walk the Walk

When all said and done, the modeling career can be one of the most exciting and most life-changing experience. What a modeling scout looks for, the possibilities are simply endless. There’s so many opportunities and the industry itself is changing and growing every day! Making more opportunities to so many more people of all shapes and sizes, color and uniqueness. Who wouldn’t want their career goal or life goal to feel their best about themselves every day, while seeing new thing and places.