"Professionally Pretty is an agency whose models are hands down beautiful, well-spoken and professional at all times. We have the utmost respect for their service. We know we can rely on their talent to provide us with beautiful, desired results. Any business that seeks a beautiful, articulate spokesperson to represent their product would benefit greatly from Professionally Pretty's services. They are quick to respond and provide you with the tools you require to make your endeavor successful. They would be an asset to your company and the overall results will benefit your bottom line."
- Sharon Lacy at EAA Corp, Rockledge, FL

"Being a company in California it was tough finding an Agency in Florida without knowing anything about them, and after contacting over 6 different agencies, Professionally Pretty not only sent me the best selection of Trade Show Models, they were extremely helpful about staying inside our budget and meeting the requirements we had requested. No other agency gave me a better selection, or faster responses. Professionally Pretty gave me an entire spreadsheet of Models that I met the requirements I had requested. And not to mention they gave me more than any other modeling agency had given me. I had a great selection to chose from, and I actually had a difficult time choosing a model because they were so many to chose from."
- Ashley Britt at Yuneec, Onterio, CA

"I would recommend Professionally Pretty in a milli second! They are far by the best agency we have worked with in Orlando and North America."
- Tracy Stein at Prime Pinnacle USA

"Titan Consulting has used "Crowd Gatherers" at trade shows for the last 10 years, but it has only been the last 3 years that we have used the services of Professionally Pretty. The difference in using a group who focus just on trade shows like www.ProPrettyTradeshows.com versus just using models has been significant. Each company has different goals for a trade show, and Professionally Pretty works to understand those goals and make sure you attain them. They are always well-received by prospects and clients, and allow our team to focus on more detailed interactions with clients and prospects without the fear of ignoring others coming by the booth. Professionally Pretty has also been successful in learning our culture and working to be part of our extended team."
-Warren Norris at Titan Consulting, Frisco TX

"Professionally Pretty is a real class act! Our model is always on time, professional and a go-getter. We have used the same model from Professionally Pretty since 2011, about 3 times a year. If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Professionally Pretty or not, we would have to say to them... Don't use Professionally Pretty, We want them all to ourselves!"
- Matt Campbel at SCMO2, Atlanta GA