Social Media and Modeling

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Social Media and Modeling

For anyone who is in the modeling industry, the question of how should one use social media and modeling together in an everlasting dilemma. For many career paths, including being a model, social media is an indispensable tool. When modeling, social media accounts are used personal reasons, but also to further their careers. This is not limited to amateur models, as globally-recognized names do the same. If you too are a model looking for success, here is a guide to using social media to further your career.


Some might think that models have nothing to look for on LinkedIn, but in truth, this is a great tool to connect you with agencies, advertisers, brands, photographers, stylists, makeup artist and many other professionals in the modeling world. While it is not the place to chat about everyday life, it is the platform to connect with professionals in the same industry.


Almost everyone is already on Facebook, but any model should have a Facebook fan page, not their personal account. Here a model should keep an updated selection of photos, videos, and even simple textual updates. Facebook is good for communicating with potential clients and agencies. This is why it is important to be active and answer any messages received through your page.


You might be tempted to see Twitter as text-only social media, which is what it was in its early days. Today, it is one of the most important websites and mobile apps in the world, mainly because it is so fast. Twitter is the perfect spot to get into discussions that are wider than the fashion and modeling world. This might sound trivial, but this is how models make indirect connections with others in the same domain. By sharing links and commenting on topics you find important, you will get to know people from the industry who feel the same. With a strong and growing fashion community on Twitter, this should not be a problem for any up-and-coming model.


Instagram is the largest social media platform for anyone who work in or with visual art. As a model, you can use it to share your entire personal experience from very professional moments to your everyday snapshots of the world around you. This network works best when it mixes professional and private in a blend that gets everyone interested.

Social Media and Modeling

If you use these networks, your chance of getting that big job increase dramatically. Social media and modeling have become connected because your online presence can boost the potential of landing your next role. Utilizing technology trends while modeling can help you get ahead so you are more likely to book the next gig. It also helps you connect with other professionals in the industry.