Runway Modeling Tips

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Turning your body into a walking art form takes a lot of patience and practice, especially when you think about how unforgiving the male modeling industry is. While swinging their hips and strutting their stuff has been more effective for the likes of Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell, male modeling requires a slightly different approach. Below you will find some runway modeling tips to ensure you look great on the runway.

Runway Modeling Tips

Make sure you always come prepared. Being a successful runway model is about commanding the stage without seeming arrogant. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Walk the Walk

As said already, male modeling is a little more different from doing catwalks down the runway. Instead of putting one foot in front of the other, men walk by keeping their feet farther apart, side by side – at a close but natural distance from one another. Try to keep your hips as steady as possible, swinging is seen more than women walk a runway. Aside from these key differences, male and females modeling are fairly the same.

  • Instead of short, quick steps, take long and steady strides.
  • Don’t over swing your arms, that’s a mistake almost every newbie makes. Just let your arms move naturally beside you.
  • Don’t make faces, have a neutral expression on your face.
  • Learn good posture. Hold your shoulders back, walk tall, and walk casually – you don’t want to come off looking like a robot.
  • Before you get on the runway, choose an imaginary spot and focus on it when you start walking. This will help you keep focus and make sure you’re not distracted.

Physical Requirements

It will be pretty tough, though not impossible, to start a modeling career without meeting some of the industry’s criteria. The measurements may differ slightly with designers, but are overall within these range:

  • Your height should be between 6′ to 6’2″.
  • Your chest width should be between 38″ and 40″.
  • Your waist should be between 30″ and 32″.
  • The modeling industry prefers lean, long and healthy looking muscles.

Again, remember that there are exceptions to the rule. It all depends on the designer you’re modeling for.

Watch Top Models

Spend your free time learning from the best. That means you’ve got to watch and attend as many fashion shows as you can. The industry is forever evolving, but something’s stay the same, so educate yourself on what the best models have always gotten right.

Runway Modeling TipsAdvertise Yourself

Don’t become a guru on these runway modeling tips and keep all that talent locked up. As tough as it is to break into the modeling world, your chances are 100% times better when you sign up with a modeling agency. So when you’re ready, take professional photos, and start sending them out.

Above are some male runway modeling tips to help you dominate the industry. If you’re interested in starting your modeling career, don’t hesitate to send us your information.