How to Prepare For a Model Casting Call

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How to Prepare For a Model Casting Call

Finally, gathered the courage to pursue your dream, great! Casting calls are the best way to step your foot in the modeling industry. A casting call is exactly like a job interview, so it is important to know how to prepare for a model casting call. It’s a very competitive industry, only the best of the best are selected here, so you have to be the best to get the spotlight. A casting call is like an audition in which the art directors and designers see whether the model is perfect for the role or not. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a casting call.

How to Prepare For a Model Casting Call

Research Who You are Auditioning For:

This is the first step of preparing for the casting calls. Different companies have different needs, so you need to do proper research on your client and the modeling agency. Ask yourself that what kind of roles are you comfortable in doing and what your photographer and the director want from you. So before your casting call do a little homework and research properly.

Look Natural:

Most of the directors are looking for a natural and simple look. Use very light makeup, a little lip gloss, mascara, and concealer is enough. Wear simple and nice clothes and avoid wearing shimmery and shiny one on your casting call.

Arrive 10-15 Minutes Early:

As we know that the first impression is the last impression it’s advised to always arrive 10-15 minutes early on your casting call. If your casting directors have to wait for you, then you may leave a bad impression on them. Arriving early gives your director a sense that you are serious and punctual.

A Professional Portfolio:

For models, a portfolio is like your resume, whether you are a professional model or not you need to have a professional portfolio which has some of your best pictures. This gives the impact on the director that you are serious and are here for a long run.

Make the Last Impression:

Casting directors meet a lot of models during the call, you have to be unique from them and stand out of the crowd. Portray self-confidence from the way you interact with the casting team. Show them you are the one they want for their role.

Final Preparation

Above, we have shared some tips on how to prepare for a model casting model. These tips are very important to consider and one needs to abide by it if you are an aspiring model. Hard work always pays off so have patience even if you have been rejected previously. Take your time and know what is expected from a model. Make sure you plan accordingly and be in touch with any of the latest modeling industry news. For any questions you may have, Professionally Pretty has experienced professionals to answer them.